General & Family Dentistry

As well as cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we can provide your family with a broad selection of general dental care. We want to help maintain the health of your teeth and prevent future problems.

Children & Adults Welcome

Just like grownups, it's important that children get proper dental care for their teeth too. Regular visits for checkups and cleanings will ensure that teeth are growing normally and free from cavities.

Individual, Personalized Care

The dentist and his  team of highly-qualified dental staff  will examine and evaluate the individual needs of each family member. We'll determine the best treatment options for each patient and thoroughly discuss all procedures with you so you can make an informed decision.


Complete General Dental Care

• teeth cleanings
• examinations and x-rays
• teeth whitening
• regular dental check-ups
• tooth extractions
• laughing gas (nitrous oxide)
• metal-free fillings
• mercury amalgam removal


Chronic, problem snoring affects millions of people, disturbing their sleeping partners and endangering their own health. However, snoring can be treated without surgery with an affordable dental device.

We Have Your Snoring Remedy

Dr. Hayes can examine you and make a custom dental mouthpiece that can be worn during sleep. We use the TAP® snoring appliance for it's design simplicity, effectiveness and wearing comfort.

If you, or a loved one need relief from snoring, our dental office can help. Contact us and we'll schedule an appointment to determine if you're a good candidate for a dental appliance.

We'll Always Treat You Like Family

We understand how important it is to get the best possible dental care for your kids and family; after all, we're parents with children also. We know how busy your daily schedule can be too and our office can set up an easy-to-follow plan for general care and maintenance.

You'll find our dentist and staff always attentive to your questions and needs. We want you to feel welcome and appreciated during your appointments and we will treat you at all times with dignity and compassion. Please give us a call soon - we can't wait to meet you!